Life Style Of a Upcoming Digital Marketer

Anand Kumar, A man From Hyderabad, Is currently one of the most successful web designer, who is working for digital marketing also. he has done his schooling from Navabharath High School, Hyderabad and graduated from EIILM University with Bsc (MPC) degree. he was never very sure that what he had to do with his life.

he has joined Multimedia Course from Opel Orbit Multimedia, Hyderabad. after that joined in very small organization as a graphics designer. slowly moved to web designing in a reputed organization. after all some years experience he has started a small training institution and develope center with some friends support. by the the time he has started the business there was not a boom in software companies so got very loss in business.

he never loss his confidence and joined job in another organization for meanwhile for some years. after his marriage he started again his business with the help of his wife. now he is like working for his own company which is in his wife name and working another architecture firm based on india,usa, dubai. and he is also working as a freelancer. and he got idea to not only working why should he can promote his own business more other than working for 2-3 companies in the salary based. so started to improve skills for business promotion. and searched for SEO Skills and Digital Marketing Skills and Got good Place to learn his skills and started learning and present his Concentration is to learn and improve his own business.

some people think that he cant reach his goals because he is getting very less salaries, but he has his own style of learning skills and also he had salesforce skills and he is supporting for some of the organizations as a free lancer. he also started ab news Blog.

Joined Internship Programme In DIGITAL DEEPAK.

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